Autism Jobs sites are no longer available

We have realized that we are not able to continue with development on the Autism Jobs sites as we don't currently have the focus to be able to put into the sites

This static site is to inform you of this, and that even this may end up going away before too long.

We are still available to be contacted the same means, if someone is interested in helping to make this happen we really appreciate what you may be offering.

That said, if you want to offer "domain listing services" or "web design services" or "mobile app services" these will be flat out rejected. We are looking only for individuals who are able to offer collaborative work efforts, or sufficient money (either indvidually or collectively) which will give us the capacity to continue with these services

There are three ways which are relatively easy to offer a financial contribution which will (if it becomes enough) allow us to be more likely to be able to do development on the Autism Jobs sites: